Friday 29 November 2019

Card of the Day - Nine of Cups


Life takes over sometimes, but I have missed blogging - so here I am with a new post and a beautiful card to ease my way back.

This is the exquisite Nine of Cups from the Daniloff Tarot (2nd Edition). Often referred to as the 'wish card', here we have a scene of plenty, pleasure and fulfilment. A Nine in the Tarot signifies a great deal of *something* and can denote a stage of personal completion. By the look on the grand gentleman's face, he is basking in easy joy. His table is set with food and drink; there are jars of goods, plus a cornucopia adding to the metaphors of abundance. A jester/minstrel serenades a woman, adding to the sense of having enough to share.

In my system of reading, Cups are associated with the element of Water, so a Nine of Cups doesn't necessarily equate to a physical banquet heaped with sensual gifts. Water flows and connects and encourages us to feel. Within this element are heart-centred emotions, mindfulness, empathy and love. The scene above shows an outward display of fulfilment, but we're also encouraged to think how inner growth and inspiration has shaped the success experienced at this bounteous table.

The Daniloff Tarot is a deck I regularly read with - I am a huge fan of the art of Alexander Daniloff. He will soon be releasing a Lenormand deck, so watch this space for a review.

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