Wednesday 31 December 2014


Wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous, peaceful and joyous New Year. I hope 2015 brings you all you wish for!

Today you will find my review of The Llewellyn Classic Tarot over on the TABI Blog (Tarot Association of the British Isles)

Here at the dwelling of the Treewitch I have lots of work to do over the next few days. I'm creating new information about my jewellery, so expect lots of luscious pics of hand made chains. 

The scanner has got over its huff and is now speaking to my laptop, meaning that I can finish my Tarot page and include images of the decks I read with on a regular basis. This will make it easier for folk to choose which deck they desire for a reading...hurrah!

Thank you lovely ones, for all the support and kindness you give me, I am so happy to have great querents putting their faith in me for Tarot readings and saying such lovely things about the blog, I feel very blessed :-)

To welcome in the new year, here is the stunning Fortune card (Wheel of Fortune in other decks) from the beautiful Japaridze Tarot. This deck called to me loud and clear and lo! There it was under the Christmas tree!

May Fortune shine on you in the coming year.

'Til next time,


Monday 22 December 2014

Post Solstice, Pre Christmas

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice and my beloved and I walked up to one our favourite ancient longbarrows. The weather was cold but clear and we enjoyed hot chocolate in insulated travel cups while we sat and communed with the spirits of the place. We shared smiles with the other four or so people who were there, tying wishes to the tree, touching the stones. It was so, so peaceful, and I felt a harmonious purity simply listening.

Between us we took turns at adding a few loose sticks to the little fire that has been glowing up there for the past few years, providing its own eternal light. It's a small area but everyone gives one another space and quiet to enjoy the surroundings in their individual way. I love that. Each of the eight Celtic festivals has a unique energy, and I love that moment of Solstice pausing (which we celebrated at home just after 10pm) before the Sun turns and we head into the lighter part of the year. 

I felt really refreshed and ready to tackle the preparations for welcoming family for Christmas Day, which has an altogether different feel to the gentle Solstice.

Being a mild agoraphobic means that I have to manage any shopping carefully in order to avoid crowds and crushes at certain times of year. Not for me the wild rush to the sales. This year has sounded particularly horrific in terms of Black Friday, Cyber Saturday, Mad whatever else the media can come up with. I wonder if it's because we are still in the grip of 'austerity measures' that people feel a sort of release that has them charging to the shops? 

I'm one of those people who buys presents throughout the year, as I see them, or make them. That way, I'm saved (most of the time!) from a last minute panic. Thank goodness for online shopping too - a gift indeed!

Whatever celebrations you enjoy, may I wish you and yours the happiest and most joyous of times.

'Til next time,


Coldrum Stones. Allington sunset - photos by Margo Benson

Sunday 14 December 2014

Make a Wish

Do you make a lot of wishes? I do. I wish on many things - I see omens and signs and wish on them; I make a wish when I'm stirring the Christmas pudding. I wish on a full moon to bring me luck, a waning moon to take things away and a new moon for fresh beginnings.
This weekend has been a wonderful occasion to observe the Geminid meteor shower. Last night the Mr and I stood in our frosty garden, glass of wine in hand, and watched a fabulous display of shooting stars. I wished on them too. One meteor was so bright and whooshed for so long, I couldn't believe there wasn't an accompanying noise (although I did squeal a bit!).

I wish mostly for things that are gloomy or negative to become happy and positive in my life and the lives of those I love. I imagine these thoughts travelling through space and time, sprinkling good juju with abundance. I've probably wished on the odd satellite or two, but hey!

In the Tarot, The Star offers guidance and healing. It's a magical card full of hope and promise. When our lives aren't quite going to plan or our dreams are taking their time to materialise, we need to remember to find our star, our wish, and keep it in sight. Trust that the desires we send out are sparkling and swirling, before finding their way back home to us.

I like physical representations of stars too, and I've made these silver star charms to scatter good luck this Yuletide.
I certainly believe that wishes come true, so .... make a wish! 

'Til next time,


The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Monday 8 December 2014

Catching Up and Letting Go

Time flies! Over two months since the last post, sorry about that. NaNoWriMo put paid to much of that time and I'm happy to say that this year was a success. I enjoyed this year's tale a lot more than last year's but do think I may be more suited to short stories. When I look at this one again in a few weeks or so, I'll see how it's fairing. For now, I'm happy to leave it 'resting'.

So, what's been happening? I've been in a Two of Pentacles state for ages it seems, although with none of the aplomb of the woman here in the Vanessa Tarot - in fact I've felt rather reversed (only that doesn't make such a good pic!) I certainly haven't been able to juggle, skip and wave all at the same time. I don't think there's one aspect of my life right now that I'm not playing catch up with. Still, I am, at least, feeling more upright.

Since I was last here I've had a birthday, acquired some more Tarot and Lenormand decks and won a fabulous bottle of perfume in an online give-away. One of our cats became a lap cat overnight, I learned how to make Ciabatta, and have sent forth the wishes of moving to our dream location.

I have realised that the hurts suffered in the early summer haven't fully healed, but finding the 'bigger person' isn't the struggle it was a few months ago. 

My poor butchered hair from a 'tidy up' last June is almost back to normal; the Yule cake is made and awaits decoration.

Life and its ups and downs, more ups I'm happy to say. I'm back at the blog with gusto, ready to update and upgrade the pages that are languishing unfinished. Onward!

Taking a leaf from the last post back in October and looking at this wonderful depiction of The Wheel of Fortune from the Art of Life Tarot ... I'm still dancing.

'Til next time,


Tuesday 7 October 2014

Instead Of Dance It's Choreography

Some years ago I had a lively discussion with a friend of my mother's about ballet. She had loaned me a video (told you it was a while ago!) of a performance of Giselle. Now I love my ballet to be traditional. I'm not saying I can't, or don't appreciate, more avant-garde productions, it's just that I like my romantic ballets (of which Giselle is one) to feature all the frothy dresses and beauty of pointe shoes and tutus. This version had the action taking place in a lunatic asylum with tatty cardigans done up the wrong way and bare feet. It was all angular angst.

Yes, it was contemporary and beautifully danced, but I didn't like it. My mother's friend attempted to browbeat me - 'But you're young, you dance....this is innovative culture!' She found it impossible to believe that as a dancer myself, I wouldn't be thrilled to see something modern and different. She is one those people who believes that any art, literature or music has to somehow be difficult and moody to be worthy. If it makes you smile and is hummable, then it really isn't top notch. Not for her the joyous waltzes of Strauss or the genius of Gene Kelly.

This is one way of looking at the Ten of Wands.

 In the RWS we see a chap who is capable, but overloaded with a bundle of Wands. He carries so many he can't even see where he's going. He looks fit (ballet thighs!) and purposeful. Perhaps he has been repeating this trip for a while and doesn't need to see the path, he knows it so well. He takes his task very seriously.

The Wands are full of passion and spirit. From the Ace with its initial spark of inspiration, the Wands have journeyed through their suit with enthusiasm, ambition, creativity and celebration. So why aren't we uplifted with the Ten?

 In the Cosmic Tarot, our chap is on the ground, his Wands are like a cage thwarting any movement beyond them. To me, it looks like a performance full of drama. I can almost hear thundering dischords, and I feel that this represents those times when what started as a fun enterprise has become serious or corporate. That doesn't mean to say we should stay forever in enthusiastic start-up mode. If we did then nothing would grow. We can though, be in danger of taking ourselves too seriously; of carrying our ever growing burden and losing sight of our surroundings. Does it have to be a struggle to be worthy?

 Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to put the Wands down for a moment. We can appreciate what they mean, we've worked jolly hard for them. We may wish others to see just how hard. One Wand at the beginning was a blast, but look how many I can carry now? I can't be seen to be enjoying myself, goodness me, no!

Of course we need to be serious....often. We do struggle, we are burdened - there is a place for doom-laden ballet. The serious stuff doesn't go away with a frisky polka. But isn't the world a prettier place with tutus?

Here is a fabulous number from one of my favourite films, White Christmas. I think Danny Kaye demonstrates this post perfectly.

'Til next time,


The Original Wider Waite Tarot - Arthur Waite & Pamela Coleman-Smith
Cosmic Tarot - Norbert Lösche

Sunday 28 September 2014

Seeing Ourselves Through Another's Mirror

I've just returned from a blissful holiday, one which focused on walking and photography. My objective was to become more adept at all the nuances my camera offers and to be able to react quickly to a scene where I could more easily gauge aperture, shutter speed and all the other manual bells and whistles that, quite frankly, are somewhat hit and miss most of the time!

 When looking at the world through a lens, every view takes on another version of itself, one that is set up to be its most creative or artistic. That's what I hope anyway.

 This alternate version of a landscape got me thinking about how I view myself, especially as I believed the mirrors in our holiday cottage were more flattering than the ones at home. Like many people, I'm quite hard on myself when it comes to my appearance and I like to present a pleasant looking version of myself most days. As a dancer I worked with mirrors every day, scrutinizing every movement and angle; every ounce of weight. It's a hard habit to break but I am realistic (I hope) and am honouring my aging without too much unkindness. I have my under-fringe flash of grey hairs, facial lines, parts that are say, softer than they once were. Would the people who met me on this trip see a more attractive me just because I thought my jeans looked better here than the day before there? Were the mirrors really any different? Or could it be that this new reflection in unfamiliar surroundings presented me with a version of myself before my critical self had had a chance to set up and point out the less desirable bits?

 As with photography, it's about perspective. Sometimes another view is all it takes.

The Wildwood Tarot, by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. Art by Will Worthington

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Look Out!

When drawing a daily card, what do you have in mind? Do you wonder if it is a kind of prediction for the day, or perhaps some guidance? Do you accord it a hefty significance, or just wait and see if the message will fit into the day somehow?

The other day I drew The Tower for the Mr. I went through some meanings for the card  and we wondered how the energy may pan out. It's a card often associated with sudden change; the kind of upheaval when everything you believed in, or had built your hopes on, comes crashing down. This could be tangible things, or it could be your inner convictions about to change, sweeping away old guff and making way for something new. Sometimes it relates to arguments or other emotional outbursts, 'blowing one's top' for instance. It can be cleansing. Many images depict lightning striking a tower causing it to crumble and figures are seen tumbling into water below. I wondered if my beloved was going to be in for a shock. As a daily card, I think that the messages can be more subtle. Would he knock something over? Break the top off something? We waited ...

Nothing! A whole day passed with no 'Tower' moments. No surprises, no sudden changes, nothing.

Looking closely at this particular image I see that the destruction is to a lighthouse and is caused by canon fire from a boat, not lightning. No bodies fall from the ramparts. The lighthouse is a look out (cue 'lightbulb' moment, no pun intended!) A person in this particular tower would have likely seen the boat, recognised it as an enemy and hot-footed away to safety long before the boom from the canon destroyed the building.

The message from this particular image can ask you to think ahead, see if there is a problem on the horizon and act accordingly. It doesn't mean that disaster won't strike, but you at least had notice. By being on the look out ourselves, I feel the Mr. and I could have been instinctively of aware of any trouble looming and simply side-stepped whatever it could have arisen. Sanctuary intact - phew!

'Til next time,


The Tarot of The Pirates, published by Lo Scarabeo (not the prettiest deck but reads rather well!)

Monday 8 September 2014

It's Strictly Time!

It's that time again - Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens and we tango and foxtrot our way through the competition until Christmas. Last year, I joined several bods at TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) to draw a card for each contestant and see how they fared through the series.

There were a couple of dissenting voices admonishing us, saying that this isn't the way Tarot should be used....but, you know....why not? For centuries pharaohs, monarchs, presidents and all have turned to seers to peek into the future. Watching and comparing cards to celebrity dancers is no different and, I believe, is a fascinating tarot exercise. You can see how pairings develop over months and learn the nuances of the cards as you see the dancefloor dramas evolve.

I don't know who all the contestants are this year, which adds even more interest as there are fewer preconceptions. I am using my most showbizzy deck, The Cosmic Tarot, so without further ado.....drumroll please...

Pixie Lott + Trent - The Tower. Oh my, drama on and off the dance floor....someone taking a tumble?

Frankie Bridge + Kevin - Eight of Pentacles. Skill and dedication could bring success.
Sunetra Sarker + Brendan - The High Priestess. What talents lie within?

Greg Wallace + Aliona - Nine of Swords. Aliona's face was a picture when they were partnered. Let's hope it isn't a nightmare.

Mark Wright + Karen - The Devil. Perhaps the TOWIE heart-throb will experience the 'journey'?
Simon Webbe + Kristina - Seven of Wands. More than capable of holding his own.
Judy Murray + Anton - The Hermit. Curious! Will she wish to retreat to work on the dances? Or perhaps just want to go home?

Jennifer Gibney + Tristan - The Empress. Nurturing the group and creating something lovely herself.

Caroline Flack + Pasha - Five of Swords. Challenging, willing/not willing to take criticism or defeat?

Alison Hammond + Aljaz - Ten of Swords. Will she find the light after harsh words? Could this be self attack or from the outside?

Scott Mills + Joanne - Nine of Pentacles. Finding contentment in his achievements.

Tim Wonnacott + Natalie - Wheel of Fortune. Ups and downs....but for how long? Could be life-changing.

Steve Backshall + Ola - The Moon. He said he was scared, can he find his way?

Jake Wood + Janette - Ace of Wands. Definitely one to watch judging by his moves on opening night.
 Thom Evans + Iveta - Ten of Wands. He may take it all too seriously, let's hope he can stand tall.

Unlike last year, I hold no Six of Wands or The Sun, but the above is already giving me much to think about. I can't wait until the competition begins properly at the end of the month and we'll see who soars and who surprises.

'Til next time ...


The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löshe

Thursday 4 September 2014

Celebrating Friendship

My dear, dear friend A is staying with us. She is about to venture into a new and exciting phase of life and has packed up herself and her scrumptious dog for a sojourn chez Treewitch.

Now A and I go back a long way. We met at college and shared many classes before becoming best buddies in our third year. We have the same birthday, although A is (and always will be!) a year older. She shares the same name as my sister....and her daughter has the same name as one of my nieces. I am Godmother to her son. Wonderfully close. Unconditionally so.

These beautiful images from The Wildwood Tarot are perfect representations of our friendship. While she's here, there are many trips down memory lane. After college we secured places in a dance troupe, which gave us our Equity cards, and enjoyed a multitude of thrills and spills in a part of the Middle East which is now a war zone. We now compare a dancer's wear and tear - her hip, my knee. She's an inspiration.

We have laughed, cried, found love, had our hearts broken, picked ourselves up and laughed some more. I am honoured and lucky to have her in my life, and am so excited for her as she embarks on a fabulous adventure.

So it's a terrible shock that, into this glorious time, comes the devastating news of the sudden death of another friend. Beautiful, witty, lovely, lovely E. How can there be a world without her? So loved and now so missed. It can't be real.

These two friends didn't know each other, they came from different times in different places, but touch our hearts so deeply. They'll never meet in this realm this time around, but who knows where the journey carries on ...

'Til next time

The Wildwood Tarot - Mark Ryan, John Matthews, Will Worthington

Tuesday 19 August 2014

That Hierophant Chap

The Hierophant can be a tricksy fellow. He often comes up when people talk about a card they dislike or find hard to relate to. I've had an issue with this card myself (particularly this depiction) so wanted to look deeper. Even spellchecker isn't keen. In many decks Arcanum Five is The Pope, which can invite all kinds of associations depending on where you stand in a religious sense, and in the Rider Waite Smith, he still looks all stiff and proper.

We see him raised above a couple of acolytes, bestowing a blessing of sorts. He wears the fancy crown while they are bareheaded. I think it's this appearance of control that people don't like. As someone who has forever questioned authority, that's where my own hackles rise. Do I want to learn the lessons this person has for me? He doesn't look as though he'd listen to me, he'd just spout doctrine.

However, Waite and others did away with the stronger aspects of someone who is the conduit between the populace and God, and renamed him as one who interprets secret knowledge. Now that's more a point. In this image though, he still looks rather aloof and in charge of those secrets. Many meanings tell of him standing for conformity, education, rules, society and belief systems. Sounds dull, doesn't he? Even when various meanings go on to speak of the learning of more spiritual things, I can't imagine this fellow and I having much in common. I once read that he could be thought of as the diligent deputy head master working hard behind the scenes, while the headmaster himself (The Emperor?) claims all the glory. Necessary but still dull.

Recently I was studying every little detail in this card and was drawn to his neat feet. Immediately he and I connected in a way we hadn't before. I thought his rather delicate looking slippers would be perfect for a little after service soft shoe shuffle with a glass of sherry. I was musing on these nifty tootsies the other night, when I was reminded of Hercule Poirot's 'mincing, rapid gait'. That's it! That's my Hierophant! Agatha Christie's little Belgian detective.

There are times when we need to turn to someone who knows more than us in a given area. Poirot certainly (and not without vanity) leaves us in no doubt of his knowledge.....but.....he is always hungry for more, and encourages us to share that hunger and enthusiasm. To me the crossed keys beneath The Hierophant signify what is locked as well as what can be opened with the right tools (Poirot's 'little grey cells'). 

We can't expect to know everything, or trust implicitly what a teacher tells us. We can though, use the keys to find out for ourselves. We can open up the past and take what we need from tradition; or open a new door and choose to take (and make) a fresh path.

Perhaps The Hierophant isn't as controlling as first thought? Things can only control us if we give them the power to do so. I often see the number Five as containing both a challenge and the solution for dealing with it. Here then, when I see The Hierophant and begin to tense, I can grab the keys of choice and make my own decisions.

.....and maybe enjoy a soft shoe shuffle with a glass of sherry ...

'Til next time,


The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck, A E Waite, Pamela Coleman Smith

Tuesday 12 August 2014

The Pen is Mightier than the Walther PPK


Lately in the Treewitch house we have been making our way through ALL the James Bond films. I love 007 and it's been a hoot going through them all (well maybe not Thunderball, that remains truly dreadful!). He spends an astonishing amount of time underwater, he crashes too many lovely cars and often gets bashed on the head whilst retrieving the Bollinger from the fridge. He has more *romantic* attachments than can be mentioned here, and he drops or loses his gun way more than an agent should. But there are a bunch of loyal companions who give Miss Moneypenny a run for her money and they are......his pens!
Bond's pens are always there when he needs them. They can drip acid strong enough to break through prison bars and shoot smoke into the eyes of the enemy. They are tracking devices and, as in the case of the fellow above, can cause one's adversary to spontaneously combust. Oh, the times I wanted one of those at school, I can tell you ;-)

The power of the pen comes to mind when I look at this depiction of the Seven of Swords in the DruidCraft Tarot. 
 Swords are associated with thoughts, words, ideas, debates - the realm of the mind. Here we have a weary chap writing by the light of a waning moon and an uncoiling taper. He is in possession of all seven swords, unlike other imagery where two are sometimes left behind. These all have different hilts so could they stand for different opinions? Are they a collection of ideas from our man, or from others? Perhaps the designs denote separate qualities - one could poison, another may contain a nifty GPS? (See what I did there!)

Words can be every bit as wounding as a physical weapon, and this figure has both, so maybe his strategy has outwitted his opponents. I wonder if he is writing a peace treaty....or is he holding the swords for ransom? Is he keeping them from wounding another?

Of course that feather could make a handy, or deadly, dart.

This can be a tricky card to interpret, especially out of context with other cards. I see all those Celtic spirals and knots and ask if they are thoughts winding and crossing, eventually making a pattern of sense.

A personal feeling here is one of at least trying to solve an issue with thoughts and words. I could think something through before speaking and perhaps say it out loud. I could write it down and read it back before hitting 'Send' .....interesting theory! I think we all have the ability to whip out those sharp swords, sometimes they're all we have to defend ourselves. They are necessary.

James Bond isn't known for his debating skills. Whatever undercover story he concocts, he's soon found out and, if he hasn't lost his handgun by this point, he shoots his way out of trouble. It's only when the bullets aren't at hand that he remembers his pen.

'Til next time ...

DruidCraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

The 007 Gun Logo and related James Bond Trademarks © Danjaq LLC and United Artists Corporation. All rights reserved. The 007 gun logo and related James Bond Trademarks are trademarks of Danjaq LLC, licensed by EON productions Limited.


Thursday 7 August 2014

This Wheel's on Fire ...

...if your memory serves you well.... (with all due song credits to Richard Danko and Bob Dylan)

Four months and a smidge since my last blog post! I had just been getting into my stride as a blogger when Fortune's goodly Wheel turned alarmingly, and there I was ... tumbling off the bottom! Was I up to the riddles the sphinx from the Rider Waite Smith tarot had for me? Could I embrace the change, or would I resist and refuse to go with the flow?

The Summer hasn't quite gone according to plan and I have struggled to lift myself up and out of what has been a gloomy time. I consider myself a lucky person, a friendly person; I live as spiritual life as I am able. I'm sensitive. Events over the last few months have seen my view from the upper parts of the wheel change. Still, hurts are healing, the smile is in place, the lippie is on.
 So as my own personal wheel winds up and I cling on with hopes of happier times, I thought I'd look through a few decks for their take on Trump X. The beautiful DruidCraft has a woman drawing a wheel of protection. She's even using a wheel-shaped pendulum to help her, and there's a safe and secluded cave into which she can retreat.

 The deliciously dark Deviant Moon Wheel shows a gypsy figure turning the wheel and delivering messages to a shocked looking recipient.
A glorious sphinx from the Crystal Tarot wielding a sword of truth....or dare?
Or a blue dragon from the charming Old English Tarot! I love how the tilled land below takes on a 'this way, that way' feel from wherever you may be spinning. 
The Aquarian Tarot shows an exotic figure who IS the wheel, perhaps showing our inner tides and turbulence.
Then there is the medicine wheel from the Wild Unknown Tarot - with not a sphinx but an owl, questioning and observing. We turn through night and day as we attach our ribbons of wishes.

I feel some confidence returning with the turning of the wheel and as we begin to leave the Summer behind and head into Autumn, my world is righting itself once more.

Wishing you the brightest blessings wherever you are on your personal wheel.

'Til next time,



Friday 4 April 2014

Into the weekend with a guide


This morning I've drawn this beautiful card from the Osho Zen Tarot. I really have loved working with its gentle energy this week.

 The Three of Rainbows sits where the Three of Pentacles would be in other decks and, as I am heading for a full day and weekend of work, I nodded agreement when I saw this card. I should have learned from yesterday that the Osho interpretations don't all correlate exactly. Here we have a beautiful angelic being lighting the way forward for a mortal who isn't looking too sure. Interestingly, I won an oracle reading this week and one of the messages was that my guides were close by and I should be listening for their input. I certainly like to think I have guides, angels and rellies who have passed on bobbing about, nudging me this way and that. But yes, I do doubt. I let my human-ness get in the way. Much of the advice in this deck asks us to savour and honour each moment.

Much of the time (read often!) I forget to live mindfully, and I believe that's true for many of us. For instance, I try to remember to eat slowly and not read the news on my laptop while doing so (major fail). However, when I'm working I am completely absorbed. Reading the Tarot takes me to another place as does making jewellery. Weaving silver chains is extremely medatitive and there are times when hours have swept by and I find myself holding a chain way longer than I needed. I'm not assuming I visit some higher realm, but I definitely feel I'm in that 'altered state' meditation experts tell of.

So maybe the Osho is closer to the tradtional meaning of the Three of Pentacles for me today; dedication to a project and creative mastery are a couple of the interpretations I work with. There may be no visible team watching over my shoulder (although there is always a cat!) but maybe there is a team in another realm, whispering encouragement and guidance.....I simply have to listen.

Wishing you and your teams a wonderful day,

'Til next time,


The Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen
DruidCraft Tarot - Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm 

Thursday 3 April 2014

No postponing rainbows


A dusty sun is breaking through this morning, illuminating a thick layer of Saharan sand on the garden furniture. Once again we have been advised to stay indoors. Well, yesterday I put off doing some things that could wait, but today I really have to go out. I drew another card from the Osho Zen Tarot ...

Ha ha! The Four of Clouds operates in the realm of the Mind and I immediately equated it to the more traditional Four of Swords, which advocates a time to stop and rest. Take a mental break. Not so with this deck - here I am being encouraged to stop putting off until tomorrow what can be achieved today. The rainbow landscape is enticing me throught that window. I'm even wearing a brightly coloured tunic, which is unusual for me!

The book says: The relief and expansiveness you will feel once you put aside all the dithering thoughts that are preventing you from acting now will make you wonder why you ever waited so long.

So I shall brave the day. I'll close the air ducts in the car and venture out ...

Have a rainbow filled day,

'Til next time,



Wednesday 2 April 2014

Catching up, celebrating and a little Osho


A little midweek round up ...

 Firstly - Formula 1. A very assured race from our King of Swords, Lewis Hamilton, don't you think? Poor Daniel Ricciado is suffering at the whims of The Moon, and I still believe Nico Rosberg is on the up and up (Wheel of Fortune). The three posts prior to this one have ALL the draws for the teams, the drivers and the race calendar. The next race is at the next weekend in Bahrain, where I have drawn Lady of Leviathans (Queen of Pentacles) - will it be the positive points of the Lady, organised, helpful trustworthy? Or her flip side where things are a bit sloppy..... can't wait!

 In my Tarot life I have achieved something I'm enormously chuffed about....I am now an Endorsed reader for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles). This has meant working with a mentor overseeing 25 readings. Everyone, no matter how experienced they are at reading the cards, has to go through this process in order to read for TABI. I found it a fascinating experience; I was teamed with a mentor with a very different style from mine, but the combination worked well (I drew The Sun, when I asked how the mentoring would go!)
It feels good to be flying solo! Reading requests come in from all over the world and cover every topic.

I have also updated my own 'Tarot' tab with a 'Buy Now' button and explain how to book a reading with me and the decks I work with. Do take a look :-)

As a treat for making it through the endorsement process, I bought the Osho Zen Tarot. There is a lot of love for this deck and I've been curious about it for a while. Meditation is a regular thing in the Treewitch house so I'm hoping to gel with the atmosphere of the cards. I thought I'd share some daily cards with you as I get to know them. In the book that comes with the deck each card is given a commentary about its meaning plus some text from Osho to meditate on and add as much depth as you wish. The artistry is beautiful - it's by Deva Padma, who lived in the Osho compound and worked with Osho's and other community members' guidance on the cards. They arrived yesterday so my thoughts and impression are brand new!
I drew Inner Voice as my guidance for the day. There's definitely a High Priestess feel about the card - the crescent moon (which we have right now) and the two pillars seen here as dolphins. The water isn't hidden as in some other depictions and I feel drawn and welcomed into the deep pool of the subconscious. I like the crystal in the centre, which the book tells of finding clarity. The two faces seem to show how I may appear outwardly to the world, whilst honouring my inner self and the treasure (the crystal) held inside.

Where I live in the south east of England, we are currently swathed in a Saharan dust cloud, whipped up by a sand storm and carried over to Europe. The advice is to stay indoors today if possible, which is fine by this mild agoraphobic! I shall be still and silent and listen to what my inner voice may reveal ...

'Til next time,


Tuesday 25 March 2014

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 Part 3 - Race Calendar


Here is my draw for the 2014 Grand Prix race calendar:

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Australia (16th Mar) - Five of Engines - we're off and all jostling to make our mark!
Malaysia (30th Mar) - Two of Leviathans - weighing things up
Bahrain (6th Apr) - Lady of Leviathans (Queen) - let's be sensible and productive
China (20th Apr) - Navigator of Airships (Knight) - and a bit ruthless
Spain (11th May) - Eight of Airships - trapped by our own rules?
Monaco (25th May) - Seven of Airships - skulduggery afoot?
Canada (8th June) - Explorers (The Lovers) - choices
Austria (22nd June) - Nine of Engines - battle weary, in need of healing
Great Britain (6th July) - Six of Airships - Relief as things improve
Germany (20th July) - Navigator of Submersibles (Knight) - emotions over Michael Schumacher?
Hungary (27th July) - The Stricken Tower (The Tower) - steady on!
Belgium (24th Aug) - Spirit Gauge (Temperance) - calm after the break, or a new blend?
Italy (7th Sept) - Triumph (The Chariot) - good for somebody? Let's hope the championship isn't over yet!
Singapore (21st Sept) - Two of Airships - truce, stalemate?
Japan (5th Oct) - Technomancer (The Magician) - who has all the tools?
Russia (12th Oct) - Captain of Engines - Putin puts in an appearance?
USA (2nd Nov) - Captain of Submersibles - stumped by this!
Brazil (9th Nov) - Six of Leviathans - give and take
Abu Dhabi (23rd Nov) - Captain of Leviathans - all friends, all paid in the end?

I can't wait to see how the season plays out and how the influences and energies from my draw manifest over the coming months.


You can find the teams here
...and the drivers here 

Deck: The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews. Artwork by Wil Kinghan 

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 Part 2 - The Drivers


As promised, here is my draw for the drivers for this year's F1 season: 

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Marcus Ericsson - Aviatrix (The High Priestess)
Kamui Kobayashi - Seven of Airships
Fernando Alonso - Ace of Airships
Kimi Raikkonen - Three of Engines
Sergio Perez - Explorers (The Lovers)
Nico Hulkenberg - The Stricken Tower (The Tower)
Pastor Maldonado - Captain of Engines (King of Wands)
Romain Grosjean - Six of Airships
Jules Bianchi - Inventor (The Hermit)
Max Chiltern - The Empress
Lewis Hamilton - Captain of Airships (King of Swords)
Kevin Magnusson - Navigator of Leviathans (Knight of Pentacles)
Jensen Button - Messenger of Airships (Page of Swords
Nico Rosberg - Time Machine (Wheel of Fortune)
Sebastian Vettel - Nine of Airships
Daniel Ricciado - Moon Voyage (The Moon)
Esteban Gutierrez - Comet (The Star)
Adrian Sutil - Eight of Airships
Jean-Eric Vergne - Six of Engines
Daniil Kvyat - Four of Submersibles
Vallteri Bottas - Ten of Leviathans
Felipe Massa - Captain of Leviathans

My scanner has just gone silly so I can only show these two images - Just look at the potential nightmare Sebastian Vettel may be facing this season!

Poor Daniel Ricciado with the ding-dong over the fuel irregularities, I hope he isn't going to be the recipient of Red Bull's attempts to push the rule limits, he deserves better....we'll keep an eye on that Moon.

Now, if I was a betting person, I may be putting something on Nico Rosberg! His team have drawn Death and he has this deck's rendition of The Wheel of Fortune. Maybe it is his turn for success.

Race calendar coming up in the next post. You can find the draw for the teams here.
...and the race calendar here


Deck: The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews. Artwork by Wil Kinghan

Monday 24 March 2014

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 part 1 - The Teams


I know the season is already under way but I'd like to share my thoughts for the months ahead. I love F1 and have (along with other readers in my sphere) drawn cards for the teams, the drivers and the Grand Prix race calendar. I'll do three posts now as one containing ALL the information would be extremely long. Then I'll link back to them throughout the season. It'll be a fascinating look at the energies and influences surrounding the sport - the personalities and the ups and downs until champions are crowned towards the end of the year.

I have chosen The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom From The Gods Of The Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews, as that felt rather appropriate!

So...the teams

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Caterham - Six of Airships - chances getting better? 
Ferrari - Two of Airships - hmmm...stalemate with two giants in the team? 
Force India - Eight of Airships - feeling trapped by the new rules? 
Lotus - Moon Voyage (The Moon) - dreams, vision, illusions? 
Marussia - Regeneration Machine (Judgement) - rebirth, out with the old? 
McLaren - Three of Engines - starting to see improvements? 
Mercedes - Spring-Heeled Jack (Death) - complete transformation 
Red Bull - Ace of Engines - New rules, new spark 
Sauber - Ace of Leviathans - New rules, staying grounded 
Toro Rosso - Ten of Airships - Taking the flak for the new regime? 
Williams - Comet (The Star) - wishing for a better season

I drew the cards prior to the first race in Melbourne (Five of Engines) and what a cracking opener that turned out to be!

There are no Cups (Submersibles) in this group, perhaps showing more the energy of enineering and intellect over emotions. With race one over, we saw a resurgence from Williams and the power that Mercedes can produce in the wake of upheaval and departure. McLaren lead the way at the moment and Red Bull are under investigation for allegedly having an average fuel rate that was too high for the new regulations (appeal to be heard April 12th)

 The top three from race one pending the outcome of the appeal were:
Red Bull

Mercedes has seen and overhaul in personnel after the retirement of Ross Brawn and dedicated the win to Michael Schumacher, who still lies in a coma following his skiing accident at the end of last year.

I won't be giving a blow by blow account of each race, you'll either be watching or not! This is just to see how the cards reflect the 2014 season. 

All the drivers' information will be in part 2.

Here's a little draw on the appeal:

1 - The underlying factor - Moon Voyage (The Moon) - A testing time of dream, visions, what is real, what is an illusion? Is any judgement trustworthy?
2 - What can we expect from Red Bull? - 8 of Leviathans (Pentacles) - They will show their prowess in intricate and exacting detail.
3 - What can we expect from the FIA? - 4 of Submersibles (Cups) - Despite issuing the punishment, what aren't they seeing?
4 - The outcome - Captain of Submersibles (King of Cups) - Good arbitration or something weak and ineffectual? Diplomacy?

This bothers me, in as much as the it looks as though emotions may get in the way, and that doesn't feel right. Could Bernie be leaning on the situation? The Captain worries me. Kings can have all the plans but a lot of it is 'in the crown'. I'd have felt happier with a Knight as at least that shows more movement. I wonder if a decision will be made which is seen to punish, but actually keeps everyone sweet....we'll see... 

You can find the drivers here
...and the race calendar here


Thursday 20 March 2014

To Rest - To Awaken. Ostara Tarot Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop celebrating the festival of Ostara. Our wrangler for this event is the wonderful Joanne Sprott of Cosmic Whispers Tarot and 'tis she who holds the list of everyone taking part. You may have arrived from Robin B Wood or Olivia Destrades. Whichever turn of the wheel, The Treewitch is thrilled to see you.

For this festival of Promise, the hoppers are looking at the resurrection and renewal aspects of Spring.

The above shows a glorious Ash tree that I look out on every day from my kitchen window and, right now, it's displaying that incredible pale haze of green only seen at this time of year. Autumn's winged fruits lie dry and wizened beneath this new flourish. I've been around a fair few Springs and never cease to be awed at the arrival of the new leaves after months of bare branches.

I have a two card spread that feels right for this equinox. We pause between the final vestiges of Winter, where we can lay something to rest, and the excitement of Spring, heralding lighter and warmer days, where we can bring something to life. We may not know yet if this is a permanent action or a temporary one; maybe it's just for the season.

1  2

1 - Darkness: What can I lay to rest?
2 - Light: What can I awaken?

Here's mine

 I love how the lighter coloured card heads for the darkness and the dark one emerges for now! It's interesting too, that the energies are equal. Both are from the youngest rank of the Tarot Court.

I'm very much at home in the Cups family but if it's time to release some of my dreamier and introspective aspects (for now) ....ok. The Winter months have been a time of much inner development and I feel I'm being asked to honour the inward energy, put it away and prepare for expansion.

I seldom draw Swords in personal readings but I have noticed a few lately in my daily cards. What I can awaken here is a more outward energy and one of detail and observation. I feel this card has direct links to my online readings. I enjoy creative writing, and marrying card reading with succint written communication is a skill I'm (hopefully) developing!

I'd love to hear what may be resting and awakening for you this beautiful Ostara.

Enjoy the rest of the blog hop - with love, light and blessings,


Deck The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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