Tuesday 25 March 2014

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 Part 3 - Race Calendar


Here is my draw for the 2014 Grand Prix race calendar:

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Australia (16th Mar) - Five of Engines - we're off and all jostling to make our mark!
Malaysia (30th Mar) - Two of Leviathans - weighing things up
Bahrain (6th Apr) - Lady of Leviathans (Queen) - let's be sensible and productive
China (20th Apr) - Navigator of Airships (Knight) - and a bit ruthless
Spain (11th May) - Eight of Airships - trapped by our own rules?
Monaco (25th May) - Seven of Airships - skulduggery afoot?
Canada (8th June) - Explorers (The Lovers) - choices
Austria (22nd June) - Nine of Engines - battle weary, in need of healing
Great Britain (6th July) - Six of Airships - Relief as things improve
Germany (20th July) - Navigator of Submersibles (Knight) - emotions over Michael Schumacher?
Hungary (27th July) - The Stricken Tower (The Tower) - steady on!
Belgium (24th Aug) - Spirit Gauge (Temperance) - calm after the break, or a new blend?
Italy (7th Sept) - Triumph (The Chariot) - good for somebody? Let's hope the championship isn't over yet!
Singapore (21st Sept) - Two of Airships - truce, stalemate?
Japan (5th Oct) - Technomancer (The Magician) - who has all the tools?
Russia (12th Oct) - Captain of Engines - Putin puts in an appearance?
USA (2nd Nov) - Captain of Submersibles - stumped by this!
Brazil (9th Nov) - Six of Leviathans - give and take
Abu Dhabi (23rd Nov) - Captain of Leviathans - all friends, all paid in the end?

I can't wait to see how the season plays out and how the influences and energies from my draw manifest over the coming months.


You can find the teams here
...and the drivers here 

Deck: The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews. Artwork by Wil Kinghan 

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 Part 2 - The Drivers


As promised, here is my draw for the drivers for this year's F1 season: 

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Marcus Ericsson - Aviatrix (The High Priestess)
Kamui Kobayashi - Seven of Airships
Fernando Alonso - Ace of Airships
Kimi Raikkonen - Three of Engines
Sergio Perez - Explorers (The Lovers)
Nico Hulkenberg - The Stricken Tower (The Tower)
Pastor Maldonado - Captain of Engines (King of Wands)
Romain Grosjean - Six of Airships
Jules Bianchi - Inventor (The Hermit)
Max Chiltern - The Empress
Lewis Hamilton - Captain of Airships (King of Swords)
Kevin Magnusson - Navigator of Leviathans (Knight of Pentacles)
Jensen Button - Messenger of Airships (Page of Swords
Nico Rosberg - Time Machine (Wheel of Fortune)
Sebastian Vettel - Nine of Airships
Daniel Ricciado - Moon Voyage (The Moon)
Esteban Gutierrez - Comet (The Star)
Adrian Sutil - Eight of Airships
Jean-Eric Vergne - Six of Engines
Daniil Kvyat - Four of Submersibles
Vallteri Bottas - Ten of Leviathans
Felipe Massa - Captain of Leviathans

My scanner has just gone silly so I can only show these two images - Just look at the potential nightmare Sebastian Vettel may be facing this season!

Poor Daniel Ricciado with the ding-dong over the fuel irregularities, I hope he isn't going to be the recipient of Red Bull's attempts to push the rule limits, he deserves better....we'll keep an eye on that Moon.

Now, if I was a betting person, I may be putting something on Nico Rosberg! His team have drawn Death and he has this deck's rendition of The Wheel of Fortune. Maybe it is his turn for success.

Race calendar coming up in the next post. You can find the draw for the teams here.
...and the race calendar here


Deck: The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews. Artwork by Wil Kinghan

Monday 24 March 2014

Formula 1 - Influences for 2014 part 1 - The Teams


I know the season is already under way but I'd like to share my thoughts for the months ahead. I love F1 and have (along with other readers in my sphere) drawn cards for the teams, the drivers and the Grand Prix race calendar. I'll do three posts now as one containing ALL the information would be extremely long. Then I'll link back to them throughout the season. It'll be a fascinating look at the energies and influences surrounding the sport - the personalities and the ups and downs until champions are crowned towards the end of the year.

I have chosen The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom From The Gods Of The Machine by John and Caitlin Matthews, as that felt rather appropriate!

So...the teams

Engines = Wands
Submersibles = Cups
Airships = Swords
Leviathans = Pentacles

Caterham - Six of Airships - chances getting better? 
Ferrari - Two of Airships - hmmm...stalemate with two giants in the team? 
Force India - Eight of Airships - feeling trapped by the new rules? 
Lotus - Moon Voyage (The Moon) - dreams, vision, illusions? 
Marussia - Regeneration Machine (Judgement) - rebirth, out with the old? 
McLaren - Three of Engines - starting to see improvements? 
Mercedes - Spring-Heeled Jack (Death) - complete transformation 
Red Bull - Ace of Engines - New rules, new spark 
Sauber - Ace of Leviathans - New rules, staying grounded 
Toro Rosso - Ten of Airships - Taking the flak for the new regime? 
Williams - Comet (The Star) - wishing for a better season

I drew the cards prior to the first race in Melbourne (Five of Engines) and what a cracking opener that turned out to be!

There are no Cups (Submersibles) in this group, perhaps showing more the energy of enineering and intellect over emotions. With race one over, we saw a resurgence from Williams and the power that Mercedes can produce in the wake of upheaval and departure. McLaren lead the way at the moment and Red Bull are under investigation for allegedly having an average fuel rate that was too high for the new regulations (appeal to be heard April 12th)

 The top three from race one pending the outcome of the appeal were:
Red Bull

Mercedes has seen and overhaul in personnel after the retirement of Ross Brawn and dedicated the win to Michael Schumacher, who still lies in a coma following his skiing accident at the end of last year.

I won't be giving a blow by blow account of each race, you'll either be watching or not! This is just to see how the cards reflect the 2014 season. 

All the drivers' information will be in part 2.

Here's a little draw on the appeal:

1 - The underlying factor - Moon Voyage (The Moon) - A testing time of dream, visions, what is real, what is an illusion? Is any judgement trustworthy?
2 - What can we expect from Red Bull? - 8 of Leviathans (Pentacles) - They will show their prowess in intricate and exacting detail.
3 - What can we expect from the FIA? - 4 of Submersibles (Cups) - Despite issuing the punishment, what aren't they seeing?
4 - The outcome - Captain of Submersibles (King of Cups) - Good arbitration or something weak and ineffectual? Diplomacy?

This bothers me, in as much as the it looks as though emotions may get in the way, and that doesn't feel right. Could Bernie be leaning on the situation? The Captain worries me. Kings can have all the plans but a lot of it is 'in the crown'. I'd have felt happier with a Knight as at least that shows more movement. I wonder if a decision will be made which is seen to punish, but actually keeps everyone sweet....we'll see... 

You can find the drivers here
...and the race calendar here


Thursday 20 March 2014

To Rest - To Awaken. Ostara Tarot Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop celebrating the festival of Ostara. Our wrangler for this event is the wonderful Joanne Sprott of Cosmic Whispers Tarot and 'tis she who holds the list of everyone taking part. You may have arrived from Robin B Wood or Olivia Destrades. Whichever turn of the wheel, The Treewitch is thrilled to see you.

For this festival of Promise, the hoppers are looking at the resurrection and renewal aspects of Spring.

The above shows a glorious Ash tree that I look out on every day from my kitchen window and, right now, it's displaying that incredible pale haze of green only seen at this time of year. Autumn's winged fruits lie dry and wizened beneath this new flourish. I've been around a fair few Springs and never cease to be awed at the arrival of the new leaves after months of bare branches.

I have a two card spread that feels right for this equinox. We pause between the final vestiges of Winter, where we can lay something to rest, and the excitement of Spring, heralding lighter and warmer days, where we can bring something to life. We may not know yet if this is a permanent action or a temporary one; maybe it's just for the season.

1  2

1 - Darkness: What can I lay to rest?
2 - Light: What can I awaken?

Here's mine

 I love how the lighter coloured card heads for the darkness and the dark one emerges for now! It's interesting too, that the energies are equal. Both are from the youngest rank of the Tarot Court.

I'm very much at home in the Cups family but if it's time to release some of my dreamier and introspective aspects (for now) ....ok. The Winter months have been a time of much inner development and I feel I'm being asked to honour the inward energy, put it away and prepare for expansion.

I seldom draw Swords in personal readings but I have noticed a few lately in my daily cards. What I can awaken here is a more outward energy and one of detail and observation. I feel this card has direct links to my online readings. I enjoy creative writing, and marrying card reading with succint written communication is a skill I'm (hopefully) developing!

I'd love to hear what may be resting and awakening for you this beautiful Ostara.

Enjoy the rest of the blog hop - with love, light and blessings,


Deck The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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Thursday 6 March 2014

Swinging into Spring


I had intended to blog again way before now, I'm not sure where the time went! Anyway, here we are at last, experiencing the first delights of Spring.

I have two new members joining my pendulum gang, a gorgeous labradorite and a chakra mix. The last few weeks have been all about chakras for me. I've felt in need of a good balance and general oomph. I've meditated on them and gone through each one asking its needs and then giving Reiki and crystal treatment as required. 

At the same time (I don't believe in coincidence here) I found the pendulum containing the stack of stones relating to the chakras (above R) It appealed, although I wasn't sure how it would feel; whether it would be confusing containing multi stones, or rather strong for the same reason. Actually it's pretty gentle - I wove a Jens Pind Linkage chain (a modern Danish maille weave) and popped on amber and garnet beads with a larger, rough garnet on the end. I haven't used it much yet but it seems happy. I may try it over a Tarot reading.....

The labradodite is on a shorter spiral chain. I recently made a short chain for a client and liked the idea of a different length for this chunkier wodge of stone. The spiral (double rope) felt right here and I added a larger labradorite, which is similarly coloured, and a moonstone at the end. I am very pleased with the result and it's gorgeous to work with.

Wishing sunshine for everyone!

'Til next time,