Thursday 6 March 2014

Swinging into Spring


I had intended to blog again way before now, I'm not sure where the time went! Anyway, here we are at last, experiencing the first delights of Spring.

I have two new members joining my pendulum gang, a gorgeous labradorite and a chakra mix. The last few weeks have been all about chakras for me. I've felt in need of a good balance and general oomph. I've meditated on them and gone through each one asking its needs and then giving Reiki and crystal treatment as required. 

At the same time (I don't believe in coincidence here) I found the pendulum containing the stack of stones relating to the chakras (above R) It appealed, although I wasn't sure how it would feel; whether it would be confusing containing multi stones, or rather strong for the same reason. Actually it's pretty gentle - I wove a Jens Pind Linkage chain (a modern Danish maille weave) and popped on amber and garnet beads with a larger, rough garnet on the end. I haven't used it much yet but it seems happy. I may try it over a Tarot reading.....

The labradodite is on a shorter spiral chain. I recently made a short chain for a client and liked the idea of a different length for this chunkier wodge of stone. The spiral (double rope) felt right here and I added a larger labradorite, which is similarly coloured, and a moonstone at the end. I am very pleased with the result and it's gorgeous to work with.

Wishing sunshine for everyone!

'Til next time,


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