Thursday 20 March 2014

To Rest - To Awaken. Ostara Tarot Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop celebrating the festival of Ostara. Our wrangler for this event is the wonderful Joanne Sprott of Cosmic Whispers Tarot and 'tis she who holds the list of everyone taking part. You may have arrived from Robin B Wood or Olivia Destrades. Whichever turn of the wheel, The Treewitch is thrilled to see you.

For this festival of Promise, the hoppers are looking at the resurrection and renewal aspects of Spring.

The above shows a glorious Ash tree that I look out on every day from my kitchen window and, right now, it's displaying that incredible pale haze of green only seen at this time of year. Autumn's winged fruits lie dry and wizened beneath this new flourish. I've been around a fair few Springs and never cease to be awed at the arrival of the new leaves after months of bare branches.

I have a two card spread that feels right for this equinox. We pause between the final vestiges of Winter, where we can lay something to rest, and the excitement of Spring, heralding lighter and warmer days, where we can bring something to life. We may not know yet if this is a permanent action or a temporary one; maybe it's just for the season.

1  2

1 - Darkness: What can I lay to rest?
2 - Light: What can I awaken?

Here's mine

 I love how the lighter coloured card heads for the darkness and the dark one emerges for now! It's interesting too, that the energies are equal. Both are from the youngest rank of the Tarot Court.

I'm very much at home in the Cups family but if it's time to release some of my dreamier and introspective aspects (for now) ....ok. The Winter months have been a time of much inner development and I feel I'm being asked to honour the inward energy, put it away and prepare for expansion.

I seldom draw Swords in personal readings but I have noticed a few lately in my daily cards. What I can awaken here is a more outward energy and one of detail and observation. I feel this card has direct links to my online readings. I enjoy creative writing, and marrying card reading with succint written communication is a skill I'm (hopefully) developing!

I'd love to hear what may be resting and awakening for you this beautiful Ostara.

Enjoy the rest of the blog hop - with love, light and blessings,


Deck The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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