Tuesday 12 August 2014

The Pen is Mightier than the Walther PPK


Lately in the Treewitch house we have been making our way through ALL the James Bond films. I love 007 and it's been a hoot going through them all (well maybe not Thunderball, that remains truly dreadful!). He spends an astonishing amount of time underwater, he crashes too many lovely cars and often gets bashed on the head whilst retrieving the Bollinger from the fridge. He has more *romantic* attachments than can be mentioned here, and he drops or loses his gun way more than an agent should. But there are a bunch of loyal companions who give Miss Moneypenny a run for her money and they are......his pens!
Bond's pens are always there when he needs them. They can drip acid strong enough to break through prison bars and shoot smoke into the eyes of the enemy. They are tracking devices and, as in the case of the fellow above, can cause one's adversary to spontaneously combust. Oh, the times I wanted one of those at school, I can tell you ;-)

The power of the pen comes to mind when I look at this depiction of the Seven of Swords in the DruidCraft Tarot. 
 Swords are associated with thoughts, words, ideas, debates - the realm of the mind. Here we have a weary chap writing by the light of a waning moon and an uncoiling taper. He is in possession of all seven swords, unlike other imagery where two are sometimes left behind. These all have different hilts so could they stand for different opinions? Are they a collection of ideas from our man, or from others? Perhaps the designs denote separate qualities - one could poison, another may contain a nifty GPS? (See what I did there!)

Words can be every bit as wounding as a physical weapon, and this figure has both, so maybe his strategy has outwitted his opponents. I wonder if he is writing a peace treaty....or is he holding the swords for ransom? Is he keeping them from wounding another?

Of course that feather could make a handy, or deadly, dart.

This can be a tricky card to interpret, especially out of context with other cards. I see all those Celtic spirals and knots and ask if they are thoughts winding and crossing, eventually making a pattern of sense.

A personal feeling here is one of at least trying to solve an issue with thoughts and words. I could think something through before speaking and perhaps say it out loud. I could write it down and read it back before hitting 'Send' .....interesting theory! I think we all have the ability to whip out those sharp swords, sometimes they're all we have to defend ourselves. They are necessary.

James Bond isn't known for his debating skills. Whatever undercover story he concocts, he's soon found out and, if he hasn't lost his handgun by this point, he shoots his way out of trouble. It's only when the bullets aren't at hand that he remembers his pen.

'Til next time ...

DruidCraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

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