Thursday 7 August 2014

This Wheel's on Fire ...

...if your memory serves you well.... (with all due song credits to Richard Danko and Bob Dylan)

Four months and a smidge since my last blog post! I had just been getting into my stride as a blogger when Fortune's goodly Wheel turned alarmingly, and there I was ... tumbling off the bottom! Was I up to the riddles the sphinx from the Rider Waite Smith tarot had for me? Could I embrace the change, or would I resist and refuse to go with the flow?

The Summer hasn't quite gone according to plan and I have struggled to lift myself up and out of what has been a gloomy time. I consider myself a lucky person, a friendly person; I live as spiritual life as I am able. I'm sensitive. Events over the last few months have seen my view from the upper parts of the wheel change. Still, hurts are healing, the smile is in place, the lippie is on.
 So as my own personal wheel winds up and I cling on with hopes of happier times, I thought I'd look through a few decks for their take on Trump X. The beautiful DruidCraft has a woman drawing a wheel of protection. She's even using a wheel-shaped pendulum to help her, and there's a safe and secluded cave into which she can retreat.

 The deliciously dark Deviant Moon Wheel shows a gypsy figure turning the wheel and delivering messages to a shocked looking recipient.
A glorious sphinx from the Crystal Tarot wielding a sword of truth....or dare?
Or a blue dragon from the charming Old English Tarot! I love how the tilled land below takes on a 'this way, that way' feel from wherever you may be spinning. 
The Aquarian Tarot shows an exotic figure who IS the wheel, perhaps showing our inner tides and turbulence.
Then there is the medicine wheel from the Wild Unknown Tarot - with not a sphinx but an owl, questioning and observing. We turn through night and day as we attach our ribbons of wishes.

I feel some confidence returning with the turning of the wheel and as we begin to leave the Summer behind and head into Autumn, my world is righting itself once more.

Wishing you the brightest blessings wherever you are on your personal wheel.

'Til next time,



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