Thursday 4 September 2014

Celebrating Friendship

My dear, dear friend A is staying with us. She is about to venture into a new and exciting phase of life and has packed up herself and her scrumptious dog for a sojourn chez Treewitch.

Now A and I go back a long way. We met at college and shared many classes before becoming best buddies in our third year. We have the same birthday, although A is (and always will be!) a year older. She shares the same name as my sister....and her daughter has the same name as one of my nieces. I am Godmother to her son. Wonderfully close. Unconditionally so.

These beautiful images from The Wildwood Tarot are perfect representations of our friendship. While she's here, there are many trips down memory lane. After college we secured places in a dance troupe, which gave us our Equity cards, and enjoyed a multitude of thrills and spills in a part of the Middle East which is now a war zone. We now compare a dancer's wear and tear - her hip, my knee. She's an inspiration.

We have laughed, cried, found love, had our hearts broken, picked ourselves up and laughed some more. I am honoured and lucky to have her in my life, and am so excited for her as she embarks on a fabulous adventure.

So it's a terrible shock that, into this glorious time, comes the devastating news of the sudden death of another friend. Beautiful, witty, lovely, lovely E. How can there be a world without her? So loved and now so missed. It can't be real.

These two friends didn't know each other, they came from different times in different places, but touch our hearts so deeply. They'll never meet in this realm this time around, but who knows where the journey carries on ...

'Til next time

The Wildwood Tarot - Mark Ryan, John Matthews, Will Worthington

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