Monday 8 September 2014

It's Strictly Time!

It's that time again - Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens and we tango and foxtrot our way through the competition until Christmas. Last year, I joined several bods at TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) to draw a card for each contestant and see how they fared through the series.

There were a couple of dissenting voices admonishing us, saying that this isn't the way Tarot should be used....but, you know....why not? For centuries pharaohs, monarchs, presidents and all have turned to seers to peek into the future. Watching and comparing cards to celebrity dancers is no different and, I believe, is a fascinating tarot exercise. You can see how pairings develop over months and learn the nuances of the cards as you see the dancefloor dramas evolve.

I don't know who all the contestants are this year, which adds even more interest as there are fewer preconceptions. I am using my most showbizzy deck, The Cosmic Tarot, so without further ado.....drumroll please...

Pixie Lott + Trent - The Tower. Oh my, drama on and off the dance floor....someone taking a tumble?

Frankie Bridge + Kevin - Eight of Pentacles. Skill and dedication could bring success.
Sunetra Sarker + Brendan - The High Priestess. What talents lie within?

Greg Wallace + Aliona - Nine of Swords. Aliona's face was a picture when they were partnered. Let's hope it isn't a nightmare.

Mark Wright + Karen - The Devil. Perhaps the TOWIE heart-throb will experience the 'journey'?
Simon Webbe + Kristina - Seven of Wands. More than capable of holding his own.
Judy Murray + Anton - The Hermit. Curious! Will she wish to retreat to work on the dances? Or perhaps just want to go home?

Jennifer Gibney + Tristan - The Empress. Nurturing the group and creating something lovely herself.

Caroline Flack + Pasha - Five of Swords. Challenging, willing/not willing to take criticism or defeat?

Alison Hammond + Aljaz - Ten of Swords. Will she find the light after harsh words? Could this be self attack or from the outside?

Scott Mills + Joanne - Nine of Pentacles. Finding contentment in his achievements.

Tim Wonnacott + Natalie - Wheel of Fortune. Ups and downs....but for how long? Could be life-changing.

Steve Backshall + Ola - The Moon. He said he was scared, can he find his way?

Jake Wood + Janette - Ace of Wands. Definitely one to watch judging by his moves on opening night.
 Thom Evans + Iveta - Ten of Wands. He may take it all too seriously, let's hope he can stand tall.

Unlike last year, I hold no Six of Wands or The Sun, but the above is already giving me much to think about. I can't wait until the competition begins properly at the end of the month and we'll see who soars and who surprises.

'Til next time ...


The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löshe

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