Monday 8 December 2014

Catching Up and Letting Go

Time flies! Over two months since the last post, sorry about that. NaNoWriMo put paid to much of that time and I'm happy to say that this year was a success. I enjoyed this year's tale a lot more than last year's but do think I may be more suited to short stories. When I look at this one again in a few weeks or so, I'll see how it's fairing. For now, I'm happy to leave it 'resting'.

So, what's been happening? I've been in a Two of Pentacles state for ages it seems, although with none of the aplomb of the woman here in the Vanessa Tarot - in fact I've felt rather reversed (only that doesn't make such a good pic!) I certainly haven't been able to juggle, skip and wave all at the same time. I don't think there's one aspect of my life right now that I'm not playing catch up with. Still, I am, at least, feeling more upright.

Since I was last here I've had a birthday, acquired some more Tarot and Lenormand decks and won a fabulous bottle of perfume in an online give-away. One of our cats became a lap cat overnight, I learned how to make Ciabatta, and have sent forth the wishes of moving to our dream location.

I have realised that the hurts suffered in the early summer haven't fully healed, but finding the 'bigger person' isn't the struggle it was a few months ago. 

My poor butchered hair from a 'tidy up' last June is almost back to normal; the Yule cake is made and awaits decoration.

Life and its ups and downs, more ups I'm happy to say. I'm back at the blog with gusto, ready to update and upgrade the pages that are languishing unfinished. Onward!

Taking a leaf from the last post back in October and looking at this wonderful depiction of The Wheel of Fortune from the Art of Life Tarot ... I'm still dancing.

'Til next time,


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