Sunday 14 December 2014

Make a Wish

Do you make a lot of wishes? I do. I wish on many things - I see omens and signs and wish on them; I make a wish when I'm stirring the Christmas pudding. I wish on a full moon to bring me luck, a waning moon to take things away and a new moon for fresh beginnings.
This weekend has been a wonderful occasion to observe the Geminid meteor shower. Last night the Mr and I stood in our frosty garden, glass of wine in hand, and watched a fabulous display of shooting stars. I wished on them too. One meteor was so bright and whooshed for so long, I couldn't believe there wasn't an accompanying noise (although I did squeal a bit!).

I wish mostly for things that are gloomy or negative to become happy and positive in my life and the lives of those I love. I imagine these thoughts travelling through space and time, sprinkling good juju with abundance. I've probably wished on the odd satellite or two, but hey!

In the Tarot, The Star offers guidance and healing. It's a magical card full of hope and promise. When our lives aren't quite going to plan or our dreams are taking their time to materialise, we need to remember to find our star, our wish, and keep it in sight. Trust that the desires we send out are sparkling and swirling, before finding their way back home to us.

I like physical representations of stars too, and I've made these silver star charms to scatter good luck this Yuletide.
I certainly believe that wishes come true, so .... make a wish! 

'Til next time,


The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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