Friday 7 February 2014

A Cornucopia of Empresses


How could anyone not love The Empress? There she sits at number three, all embracing and full of new nurturing thoughts, ideas and abundance. She makes us smile in a reading, bringing forth creativity and production. Of course she has her gloomy side - she can express her smothering, jealous and petulant nature, but for the most part I see seekers and readers alike, nod and sigh gently when she puts in an appearance. 

So why have I found her so hard to connect with? She's linked with Venus...all that love, harmony and unison stuff. Part of it I'm sure, is that I knew from an early age that becoming a mother just wasn't going to be possible for me. In the big Maiden, Mother, Crone stages of woman, the middle bit was going to have to mean something other than children. So personally, the whole birth feeling didn't always sit comfortably or indeed, naturally.

I thought I had better have a chat with some Empresses (I do feel it should be Empressi!) Now, don't get me wrong, I loves me an Empress and I'm attached to all my women, but I'm not sure it's wholly mutual or unconditional ...
From the left - I thought I'd start with a traditional Rider Waite Smith vision. She's lovely; she's wearing her pomegranates, has a lovely starry crown, she's sitting in nature's abundance but seems a little lofty and distant to me.

From Sharman-Caselli, this gal looks as if she's been sat there a while; she's looking far away and weary, as if that sheaf of wheat is a bit of a burden.

My Crystal Tarot Empress is extremely realistic despite the Klimt-esque get up. She's rather Queenly, formal and remote. I love her but feel I should curtsey and be on my best behaviour in her presence.

These next three have a totally different vibe and I feel closer to all their various aspects. The Empress from the Anna K Tarot (Far Left) is a buxom, full bosomed, come-to-mama wench. Gorgeous! She's far more welcoming and I can believe she's so busy being bounteous to all, she hasn't quite found all of her clothes, or had time to rid her top lip of a little excess hair.

The Cosmic Tarot Empress is the coolest goddess. Awesome....but maybe not given to the whole nurturing thing until she has her jewellery on and poured a cocktail

The delightfully bonkers Paulina Tarot Empress dances with her pink peacock in a swirl of foxgloves and wonder. There are many occasions when we sit down with our crystals and singing bowls, and other times when her poetic nature has to stay in the deck.
These two relate to me differently again. For a start they are both known as The Lady, which takes away something of the grandeur from the word Empress. On the left is the beautiful woman from the DruidCraft Tarot. I adore this deck and use it more than any other. I live in this world, celebrate the wheel of the year with everyone in the deck and can even shuffle such huge cards. I still feel though, that this woman has another chum whose baby is due around the same time, waiting for her in her eco home in the Findhorn community. 

The Sacred Circle Tarot Lady is another beauty. Surrounded by apples and butterflies, the sun and moon, bees and the outdoors, it's all there - but I don't know, I'm still not sure what to do in her presence. I'm not sure she'd join in my dancing.

I truly believe that there are aspects of all of us in every single card and certain moods, certain days, certain clients, show the expressions of each and every one.

Like I said, I love and work with all my Empresses, knew there was a 'but' coming... THIS happened! Recently I was gifted The Wildwood Tarot. I have spent some weeks now journaling (spellchecker hates that word) with this exquisite deck and had a WHOA! moment when I met...
The Green Woman. What can I say? It was like meeting my childhood imaginary friend who I always knew was real. I was moved to tears when I drew her from the velvet bag with the embroidered Moon-gazing Hare, bought especially for this deck. Now I understand The Empress. The Green Woman is engaging with Me. She's reaching right out of the card and I'm walking in. We've whipped up that magical brew together and she's even borrowed my leafy cape. We'll be there for each other from season to season. When my energy is weak at Midsummer (strange but true) she'll be strong, and I'll be stoking up a goodly fire for her come Midwinter - Twins.

 I feel I can now work more harmoniously with my other Empresses and Ladies, knowing I'll always have The Green Woman rustling beside me.

'Til next time,


Decks: The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck - A E Waite, Pamela Coleman Smith
The Sharman-Caselli Deck - Juliet Sharman-Burke, Giovanni Caselli
The Crystal Tarot - Lo Scarabeo, Elisabetta Trevisan
Anna K Tarot - Anna K
Cosmic Tarot - Norbert Losche
Paulina Tarot - Paulina Cassidy
DruidCraft Tarot - Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington
The Sacred Circle Tarot - Anna Franklin, Paul Mason
The Wildwood Tarot - Mark Ryan and John Matthews, Will Worthington

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