Friday 7 February 2014

Rivalry, Competition and Hens!


Today I've chosen a card from a favourite deck The DruidCraft Tarot, and one more from the suit of Wands. The image shows five young lads engaged in an enthusiastic mock battle. I say 'mock' because they're laughing, no-one lies battered and bleeding, in fact they could be dancing. It is a warm Summer day and the boys have shed any protective clothing. In a reading the card stands for rivalry and competition, often among people of similar talents and abilities. If its in a blocking position then the hitherto friendly tussle could turn out to be something more - a greater, more hostile challenge.

What I love in this particular card is the black hen in the foreground, pecking at some grain. Throughout the DruidCraft deck flows the tale of Ceridwen and Taliesin, and many of the cards show various stages of the story (see the tab at the top of the page). Here, after a long chase and much shape-shifting, the boy Gwion, who accidentally supped the brew of wisdom the goddess Ceridwen had made for her son, has turned himself into a grain of wheat to hide. She has become a black hen and eats him!

When I look at this card, I am reminded to look within for that something extra I may have - another way of looking at things or something others don't see. Is there some possibly forgotten knowledge that I can now bring to the fore?

Wands are about passion, creativity and dynamism and there are times it's good to uncover that inner flame at the root (or grain) of it all.

'Til next time


The DruidCraft Tarot - Philip and Stephnie Carr-Gomm. Will Worthington.

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