Friday 7 February 2014

Not in the bag...


Since the Tarot has become a huge part of my life and work, I find I seldom go out without my cards. Some other Tarot chums were telling me that they can NEVER be parted from at least one deck, and I had to admit to not feeling quite right without both a Tarot and a Petit Lenormand deck about me.
 Last week I went on a wonderful day trip, pretty far away from home, leaving very early and not returning until way after dark. It was a gorgeously hot day and I took my smallest handbag with me, knowing that there would be no opportunity this day to need the cards. I squeezed in my mini bag of crystals (known as The Gang) and my amethyst pendulum, plus a 5" Apple wood wand. These items are as necessary to me as my lipstick - and those who know me at all, know that I am never without my lippie!
We had a fabulous day, but at some point around lunch time, I began to feel really twitchy. That unease you experience when you know you've forgotten something. I was missing my cards! I told myself not to be daft - it's not as if I had readings, journaling or research to do, and I'm sure they were perfectly fine at home...or were they? Were they missing me too? I felt I just needed to see them, that's all. I wasn't about to interrupt our day for a quick spread (or a slow one!). No, just to know that they were with me would be enough. I made a mental note to myself to never leave home without them again if this was how I was going to feel. My fellow Tarot chums nodded and tutted in agreement, and admitted that, yes, once Tarot fully enters your life, it's like a surgical procedure to be parted from one's cards.

I'll leave you with this glorious image of The Fool from The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Löshe - he has a gang of crystals too!
'Til next time,


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