Friday 7 February 2014

My Inner Sun


Thank you to everyone for taking the time to view and comment on the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop. It was great to take part and I cannot wait for the next Hop, taking place for Samhain.

There were some great new spreads created for the Mabon Hop (including one from yours truly!) and I've been interested to try them out. The one below is the work of Olivia Destrades and is called the Inner Sun spread.

Using the gorgeous and whimsical Paulina Tarot, this is what I drew...

Me now - Ace of Cups. This is bang on how I'm feeling at the moment. I am going through a wonderful shift in my psychic development; my cup literally runneth over with new ideas, intuition and inspirations and I'm drinking from it!

The gifts I have to share - Seven of Wands. Aha, this card again! I believe something I have to give is an ability to lift someone during a challenge. I'm good at helping someone see their gifts and bringing them out. I'm not an obvious Wand, but I work behind the scenes on the fire.

The gift I'm still developing - Queen of Wands. I have to laugh at these pesky Wands following me around! Don't you just love the cat in this card? In other decks there is often a cat underneath the Queen's throne. Not here - this beauty takes centre stage. Maybe it's showing me the huge support a Queen can command.

My deepest desires - Seven of Pentacles. Yes indeed....I desire my work passions to grow and hopefully bring some tangible reward, be that reputation or money. I'm happy to progress steadily as much of my kind of work grows through word of mouth. I put the work in and don't expect speedy results, just something of good quality hanging on those branches.

Advice for manifesting my desires - Six of Wands. Looking at this card with its connotations of victory and success had me wondering. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not keen on being the centre of attention but perhaps I should lift my head up and stop being so self-effacing. Like many people, I'm not brilliant at accepting compliments. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to step to the front once in a while.

Do try this spread for yourself, it really shines a light on things.

'Til next time,


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